Padel—an easy-to-learn cross between tennis, racquetball, and squash—has come to Las Vegas, thanks to the sparkling new facility built by Real Racquet Academy.
Pizzeria Il Fico
I never thought of pizzerias as centers of epicurean delight. Consider me reeducated.
Through its SHARE THE LOVE program, The Venetian Resort is donating 50,000 complimentary suite nights to the nation's first responders and frontline workers (and offering a discounted rate to the rest of us)!
Tide Fashionistas
With his FASHIONISTAS collection, the UK-based pop artist, Tide, presents a limited edition of prints—rendered in the form of the traditional British postage stamp, and curated by Jimmie Karlsson of Jimmie Martin—that cleverly applies a camp lens to the crowned heads of couture
Shangri La
A tour of Doris Duke’s estate, SHANGRI LA (now the Shangri La Center for Islamic Art, Culture & Design) is a must for any lovers of art, architecture, design, and luxury, who find themselves on the island of Oahu
Five Graces
The closest you’re gonna get to sleeping inside of Jeanie’s bottle (or Ali Baba’s cave, for that matter), the Inn of the Five Graces offers a dreamily romantic escape in the heart of historic downtown Santa Fe
JSX Summer
Between the newly implemented SIMPLI-FLY program, new routes (Seattle! Monterey!), and a fantastic package with Wynn Las Vegas, JSX is everything you want in a safe luxury travel partner, this summer!
Pride Pairings
With LGBT Pride going virtual because of the coronavirus pandemic, I compiled a Pride playlist featuring pairs of songs by 100 artists.
12 Fave Albums
Recently, I was asked to share some of my all-time favorite albums, on social media (you know how those things go). Here’s a rundown of what I picked, for Days 9 and 10 (and two Bonus Albums); and the rationale behind each [Part 3 of 3]

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