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Vegas Chic Beat Sept 2010 Img

"Chic is being comfortable in one's skin. For us it could mean trekking through India in shorts and sandals with a knapsack on our backs or dressing up in a Dolce & Gabbana dress and a Zegna suit with friends at dinner overlooking the Sydney harbor."

- Anne and John Schadler Power couple

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Vegas Voyeur Haute Topic May 2009 Img

Naomi Arin Art Adviser/Gallerist
"The two hours I give to myself in the morning, right after I wake up. I really have no interest in living one of those 'get up and run out the door' lifestyles. After the first hour, I spend another with my husband. We drink coffee together and play with our dog, Gizmo. We talk to stay connected and gear up to join the world. I used to think that I was so flexible and easy (which I think I am about most things), but I can't live without those two hours of very specific time-both accompanied by copious quantities of coffee."

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Diva Las Vegas Aug 2008 Bright Lights Img

When we last took leave of our errant adventurer (me), I was spinning a fanciful little yarn about Cher. So, here 'tis: Cher's 62nd birthday brought all sorts of fans out of the woodwork. Some I never would have expected-little old ladies with blue hair from the U.K. and the like- alongside die-hard fans of the here-and-queer variety that you just knew were going to be there. Now, months before Cher queried about turning back time, my friend Jimmy James already had bought tickets on-line to this concert. Jimmy had also (by way of his longtime best-y, Larry Edwards, a.k.a. Hot Chocolate) booked a gig at Piranha, arguably the chicest gay bar to hit our shores in some time, very hip, very swanky and overseen by a kid with a good head on his shoulders named Johnny Bacon.

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cpPanicAtTheDiscoJune2008 Image

The beginning of 2007 saw the members of YouTube darling Panic at the Disco-founder and chief songwriter/lyricist Ryan Ross (guitar, keyboard, backing vocals), co-founder Spencer Smith (drums), frontman Brendon Urie (lead vocals, guitar, keyboard) and Jon Walker (bass guitar, keyboard, backing vocals)-taking time off from their furious touring schedule to start writing songs for a follow-up album to their double-platinum debut, 2005's A Fever You Can't Sweat Out. Around mid-year, though, they decided to scrap everything they had written and start again.

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We know that back in 1974, Elvis Presley wanted to record Dolly Parton’s ballad “I Will Always Love You,” and that she declined. But what if she hadn't, and he had, as a duet with her? Thanks to A.I. we know how it might’ve sounded!