Five Graces
The closest you’re gonna get to sleeping inside of Jeanie’s bottle (or Ali Baba’s cave, for that matter), the Inn of the Five Graces offers a dreamily romantic escape in the heart of historic downtown Santa Fe
The 105-year-old Yamashiro has re-opened as Yamashiro Hollywood, thanks to new owners and operators presenting a menu full of Asian-fusion steakhouse fare; all in an absurdly romantic setting, with one of the best views in LA
Shania Kids Can
With one dollar from each ticket for SHANIA TWAIN “LET’S GO!” THE VEGAS RESIDENCY being donated to Twain’s wonderful Shania Kids Can organization, it’s the kids who win; and if that don’t impress you much, I’m not sure anything will!
Casa Hoyos
CASA HOYOS—a WWII-era office building in San Miguel de Allende, converted by the original owner’s great-granddaughter into a cool boutique hotel—served as my casa away from home, during the recent Día de Los Muertos festivities
VOTE NOW for Staci Alonso - one of the top ten CNN Heroes of 2019 - to receive $100,000 for Noah's Animal House, the full-service facility she founded to house the pets of women fleeing domestic abuse, located on the grounds of a domestic violence shelter, right here in Las Vegas, with a second facility in Reno.
Q1 Philanthropy
Get your wardrobes and your wallets ready, because four of Las Vegas’ biggest annual charity shindigs are transpiring within a 63-day window, from late-January to late-March. So—insomuch as it regards Nevada Ballet Theatre, Keep Memory Alive, Nathan Adelson Hospice, and One Drop—Q1 might well be the new Season of Giving!
Paris Is Burning 2020
In honor of the film’s 30th anniversary, Criterion Collection is re-releasing Jennie Livingston’s award-winning 1990 documentary, PARIS IS BURNING, on Blu-ray, featuring more than an hour of never-seen footage
L.A. On Fire
To inaugurate their new digs, DTLA’s Wilding Cran Gallery presents L.A. ON FIRE – an exhibition curated by Michael Slenske that uses works by more than 50 LA-based artists (and a couple who are LA-inspired) to discuss the effects of fire on Los Angeles, a city that is invariably lit.
Mott 32 Thanksgiving
Mott 32 at The Venetian Resort will offer guests a special five-course Thanksgiving Menu (with optional add-ons and wine pairings) featuring the Cantonese and Sichuan delicacies for which the Hong Kong-based restaurant has become internationally acclaimed (AVAILABLE ON THANKSGIVING, ONLY)