Crossroads Kitchen
With CROSSROADS KITCHEN LAS VEGAS now open at Resorts World Las Vegas, Chef Tal Ronnen’s campaign to introduce upscale diners to his delectable plant-based cuisine continues, and I’m totally on board!
Opal - Black - General
06/20/2022OPALS, Part 5 – Black Opals06/20/2022
Black opals have found a place in some of the most sought-after red carpet jewelry, created by the most talented designers. [Part 5 of 5] Read More
06/17/2022OPALS, Part 4 – Fire Opals06/17/2022
Fire opals are a favorite of many of the world’s most exclusive jewelry designers, harkening back to the Aztecs and Mayans, who used the fiery minerals in their ceremonial rituals. [Part 4 of 5] Read More
OPALS - Ethiopian - General
Making their debut on the jewelry scene in the past fifteen years, Ethiopian opals have made-up for lost time, becoming a favorite of jewelry designers from around the world. [Part 3 of 5] Read More
OPALS - White - Gen2
06/11/2022OPALS, Part 2 – White Opals06/11/2022
When most people think of opals, it’s White Opals they’re envisioning. Check-out these stunning examples of White Opal precious jewelry, from some of the world’s most celebrated artisans [Part 2 of 5] Read More