Lord Jewelry
My hot take on LA-based Lord Jewelry—founded by master jeweler Şinork Ağdere and his daughter, Lena, whom I've enjoyed getting to know over the years at The COUTURE Show—and the virtuosity they exhibit in the centuries-old enameling techniques of plique-à-jour, cloisonné, and champlevé, resulting in vibrant, often nature-inspired pieces of immensely wearable and joy-inducing fine jewelry.
2110 - General
With its expansive views of the Pacific Ocean and Diamond Head, spacious living spaces, floor-to-ceiling windows, and a magnificent wrap-around terrace, a stay in the Po’okela Suite (PH 2110) at the Moana Surfrider makes for a fantastic home away from home. Read More
LCSF - General
Featuring the architectural wonder known as the Miraculous Staircase (aka St. Joseph’s Staircase), the Loretto Chapel in Santa Fe is a Gothic-Revival beauty. Read More
SHED - General
The farm-fresh chiles at The Shed, combined with a welcome, family atmosphere, has kept the Santa Fe landmark popular, for more than 60 years. Read More
CRCV - General
Approaching the Classic Rock cover, from a thoroughly Shulman-y angle; these are some of my favorites. In Part 3, covers of Led Zeppelin (x2), and The Who; as well as Fleetwood Mac, Bob Dylan and The Band, Pink Floyd, The Doors, and The Nerves [Part 3 of 3] Read More