Judy Garland
Read how (and why) Judy Garland stepped-in and rescued “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” from becoming a funereal dirge, in this update of a ShulmanSays holiday favorite.
Lizzo’s hit single JUICE has seeped into our collective consciousness this year, a testament to the ways the fabulously funky feel-good banger has remained "worth the squeeze," as we approach the anniversary of its release. [Part 1 of 2]
Jews Singing about Christmas
12/15/2019 Jews Singing ‘Bout Christmas12/15/2019
A compilation of some of my favorite Christmas songs that not only have Jewish authorship, but are also sung by members of the Tribe; some of which might surprise you.
Shania Twain Let’s Go
Between the slate of hits, her relatability, the Prince tribute (featuring a cameo from her dog, Melody), and packages that allow concertgoers to be a part of the show; SHANIA TWAIN 'LET'S GO!' THE LAS VEGAS RESIDENCY is gonna getcha good!
MGM Resorts Dogs
With its new Doggie Concierge services rolled-out at each of its thirteen Las Vegas properties, as well as at Beau Rivage (MS), MGM Springfield (MA), and MGM Detroit (MI); MGM Resorts International is all about coddling your canine companions
Five Graces
The closest you’re gonna get to sleeping inside of Jeanie’s bottle (or Ali Baba’s cave, for that matter), the Inn of the Five Graces offers a dreamily romantic escape in the heart of historic downtown Santa Fe
The 105-year-old Yamashiro has re-opened as Yamashiro Hollywood, thanks to new owners and operators presenting a menu full of Asian-fusion steakhouse fare; all in an absurdly romantic setting, with one of the best views in LA
Shania Kids Can
With one dollar from each ticket for SHANIA TWAIN “LET’S GO!” THE VEGAS RESIDENCY being donated to Twain’s wonderful Shania Kids Can organization, it’s the kids who win; and if that don’t impress you much, I’m not sure anything will!
Casa Hoyos
CASA HOYOS—a WWII-era office building in San Miguel de Allende, converted by the original owner’s great-granddaughter into a cool boutique hotel—served as my casa away from home, during the recent Día de Los Muertos festivities