Doggy Armour
Doggy Armour has produced the first armored 24k gold dog-jacket; and depending on the options, it could run you more than $1.4 million. But really, how can you put a price on canine safety fashion?
Todd Reed
If you’re a Millennial (or you know someone who is) this contest is the perfect way to win a pair of custom commitment bands by artisanal American jewelry designer, Todd Reed!
Following my recent throat surgery, I knew my first meal off the Soft-Food bandwagon had to be at ELIA Authentic Greek Taverna – now open for lunch!
ONOD 2018
For the sixth edition of One Night for ONE DROP, the life story of the Grammy-nominated artist JEWEL shines a light on the quest for sustainable water
Dim Sum Buffet
As far as my taste buds are concerned, the week of Chinese New Year is the most wonderful time of the year, thanks to Wing Lei’s delicious Dim Sum Brunch
VDay Venetian
With special menus and offerings from a bevy of venues – the restaurants of The Venetian and The Palazzo have the solutions you’ve been seeking, on this most romantic of evenings.
BAZ: A MUSICAL MASH-UP combines the love stories from a trio of famed director Baz Luhrmann’s celebrated films – ROMEO + JULIET, MOULIN ROUGE!, and THE GREAT GATSBY – and brings them together, in a high energy Las Vegas stage spectacular
Through the end of February, The Palazzo is hosting the West Coast’s limited exclusive engagement of EXHIBITIONISM – THE ROLLING STONES; a once-in-a-lifetime, immersive experience telling the story of the world’s most influential rock band
Classic Rock
Approaching the Classic Rock cover, from a thoroughly Shulman-y angle; these are some of my favorites. In Part 3, covers of Led Zeppelin (x2), and The Who; as well as Fleetwood Mac, Bob Dylan and The Band, Pink Floyd, The Doors, and The Nerves [Part 3 of 3]