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On Friday, June 15th, Academy Award-winning actor Sir Anthony Hopkins-in Las Vegas to receive the 2007 Marquee Award from the CineVegas Film Festival-sat down at the Palms Casino Resort for an insightful tte- tte with Vegas' very own pop-culture pundit, Michael Shulman.

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She's just Mary, just Mary, just Mary-and that's just the way we want her. On July 14th, divalicious soul chanteuse Mary J. Blige brings her sexy brand of rhythm and blues to The Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, and the show is gonna be a doozy-filled to the brim with her singular style and dazzling on-stage energy.

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In a 1959 interview about his first television series, Playboy Penthouse, Hugh Hefner speaks about the production of his ground-breaking series: "If we did the thing ourselves, and the viewers could meet me as a human being every week, then hopefully they would begin to discover-those people who did not read Playboy-'Well, son of a gun, this guy isn't a dirty old man.' "

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When one stops to consider that virtually everything in Las Vegas is done with a "Bigger! Faster! More, more, more!" attitude, it's reassuring to know that this extends to our philanthropic endeavors, as well. Case in point: the annual Power of Love gala that raises money (and lots of it) for Keep Memory Alive, the foundation for the Lou Ruvo Brain Institute, a "unique research resource devoted to promoting healthy 'vital aging' for all citizens of Nevada and enhance the quality of life for a burgeoning number of people."

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A decade later, this article's message rings truer than ever before... Yes, I’m a man. Yes, I wear a lot of jewelry. No, I do not want your oily mitts all over it!