First of all, I want to go on the record as saying that I’m a fan, of the entertainer known as Lady Gaga.  This should come as no surprise; but, you never know.  That said, I don’t know every song in her oeuvre, nor do I consider myself a “Little Monster,” per se (except in that halcyon sepia-toned vision in which we’re all “Little Monsters”).  So, it was with more than a twinge of glee that I soaked-in Live Nation’s announcement of Lady Gaga’s upcoming two-year residency show in the Park Theater at Park MGM, beginning in December 2018.  There, she’ll be joining such Strip stalwarts as the funktacular Bruno Mars, the dancetastic Ricky Martin, and the legendary Cher: A sensationally well-rounded, A-list roster, to be sure.

A few nights before the Twitter went a’twitter, with the news of the Strip’s latest resident, the Lady beautifully laid a final bit of groundwork at the feet of her future hometown audience, when her Joanne World Tour touched-down at the T-Mobile Arena, on December 16th.  There had been news that the subject of the Netflix documentary Five Foot Two – who is starring in Bradley Cooper’s spring-slated update of A Star is Born (billed as Stefani Germanotta, in the heels previously filled by Janet Gaynor, Judy Garland, and Barbra Streisand), alongside Cooper and Dave Chappelle – was suffering from ill health and chronic pain (forcing her to postpone the European leg of her tour from Fall ’17 to Winter ‘18, and to cancel a headlining slot at Brazil’s Rock in Rio festival); but you wouldn’t know it to listen to her sing, this night; or play (guitar, keytar, piano), or to watch her dance (alone, with an ensemble, wearing 6” heels on a steep incline, kneeling on a piano bench, or on one of the sky-bridges, lowered from the ceiling, that connected the various stages). 

I’ve gotta tell you; when I first heard that there were going to be four stages, I rolled my eyes so hard that I get a headache just recollecting the moment.  But when I saw the show, I totally got it.  She used each of her mini-stages and the bridges to perform in-the-round, giving virtually ­everyone in the audience an up-close and personal perspective.  Also, with 20 million Instagram followers, you can bet your bippy that Lady Gaga is fully cognizant of her fans’ collective desire (nay, imperative need) for her to hold her poses for an extra few seconds – and she duly rewarded those fans (and one particular fellow who enjoys taking pictures from the comfort of his seat) by vogu­­­­­ing and vamping and slinking around featuring some particularly glam looks (sometimes for more than a full minute – which is a lifetime, in photographic terms); and the folks behind the lenses (whether amateur, professional, or as yet undecided) appreciated every drape-y, languid minute of it.

The concert included intimate moments of Gaga, speaking about inclusivity, the LGBT community, and waxed ever so slightly politiacal; but the mood was kept positive and light.  Later, sitting at a prismic piano, she kept the messages of love and family coming, while she tickled the ivories.  As one would hope with a concert from this artist, the choreography was tight, the wardrobe stunning, and all aspects of production top-shelf.

And as for the Lady’s upcoming residency?  I know my dear Jeffrey Tousey is literally counting the days.  (“Yes, Dad: He’s literally counting the days.  Yes, I know what ‘literally’ means.  Do you?”*)

Lady Gaga | Joanne World Tour
T-Mobile Arena | Live Nation
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Get into it!

[EDITOR’S NOTE: Literally.]