I’ve not been shy about addressing my adoration for Giorgio’s, the weekly club founded by Bryan Rabin and Adam Bravin that goes down (under normal circumstances) every Saturday inside mmhmm at The Standard, Hollywood.

There, the guest-list-only crowd assembles in the lobby, before the club’s indubitably dapper doorman, Henri, sends those passing muster through the kitchen, past the dishwashers, and into mmhmm, with its low-slung black furniture and low black ceiling through which the bottom half of a disco ball protrudes, casting its glimmers on the stylish denizens of the dance who’ve congregated for another of Bravin’s magical musical sets steeped in the sounds of danceable R&B, disco, soul, classic House, funk, and all-around sonic gorgeousness.

But, these days—what with social distancing, shuttering-in-place, and the like—how are folks supposed to get their much-needed boogie on?

Thanks to the wonders of online chat and videotelephony offered by the cloud-based peer-to-peer software platform we know as Zoom, Rabin and Bravin are bringing Giorgio’s to you.  (Well, technically, they’re inviting you to join them, but like Karen Walker once said, “You say potato: I say vodka!”)

So, whether you’re at home, at the beach, by a lake, or in the middle of the desert, as long as you’ve got Wi-Fi, you’re good to go!

To join the party, all you need to do is visit https://bit.ly/giorgioslobby, at which time Henri will see what sort of look you’re featuring (more on that in a minute), and once the decidedly dashing doorman has given you the high sign, he’ll bestow upon you a second link that will take you to the dancefloor.

And don’t worry about being bombarded by a hundred voices all speaking at once, as (on the dancefloor) everyone’s audio is muted, except the hosts’; so, if you want to be “heard” you must type it into the chat.  But don’t fret, because you can “break out” into private chat-sessions that serve as private VIP Rooms, in which you and your crew can hang without others creeping on your un-muted chats.

As always, Giorgio’s enforces a strict dress code with a toujours glamour-disco vibe.  So, what does that mean?  To be granted passage by Henri, feature any of the following: sequins, glitter, gowns, bikinis and high heels, cocktail attire, caftans, turbans, nearly nude with lots of accessories, beat mugs, wigs, dinner jackets, suits, lamé, satin baseball jackets, hot pants, feathered hair, spandex, Norma Kamali, Calvin Klein, Halston, Gucci, Fiorucci, a bit of cuchi-cuchi, and your favorite fabulosity.  But be forewarned, Henri is no friend to those who show-up featuring trash-disco Halloween dreck.  No bad afro wigs.  No patterned polyester shirts.  No Elvis-glasses with sideburns.  No sloppy messes.

And while you don’t need to style your set, per se; please keep the background clear of unmade beds, dirty dishes, and the like.  That said, mood lighting (dimmers, candles, maybe a scarf thrown over the lampshade) is always encouraged.

So, invite your friends, apply your glam, don your most decadent disco drag, and get down a la Giorgio’s, this Saturday night, and every Saturday night for the foreseeable future.  The party starts at 7pm PST (which is 10pm EST, for our friends back East).

I hope I’ll see y’all, there!

Bryan Rabin and Adam Bravin present
Giorgio’s: A (Very) Modern Discotheque
7pm PST, Saturdays
Click HERE to join the party

Get into it!