I’ve known Todd Reed for the past decade or so, and in that time he has distinguished himself both as an incredible designer and an amazing human being (not to mention a giver of great hugs and baker of delicious pies).  The constant through this time (and for the quarter-century during which he’s been designing) is that regardless of the situation, Todd Reed has forged his own way (pun intended).

Since the get, Todd has ignored the conventional wisdom, utilizing raw stones and reclaimed metals to create by-hand the one-of-a-kind and bespoke jewelry for which his eponymous collection has gained so much acclaim.

Todd’s is a story about an individual seeking his own path – a path tailored to his wants and needs.  And through it all, he has continued to question the status quo, while pioneering a contemporary way of approaching commitment jewelry.

So, now Todd wants to hear your story.

If you self-identify as a Millennial, enter Todd Reed’s Forged Your Own Way™ contest!!  Simply send-in a short video (no more than two minutes, please) – by March 14, 2018 – that tells about the unique path you’re forging in life and love.  Show them what really matters, to you – whether it’s starting a non-profit to make our world a better place; a special situation, unique to your relationship, that’s made you a better person; or even how you’re reducing your carbon footprint.  Just make it about you!

Then, on Sunday, April 1st, Todd will select a winner; awarding a set of Todd Reed commitment bands to the couple with the life/love story he finds most compelling.

Good luck, y’all!

Forged Your Own Way™ contest
Todd Reed

Click HERE for instructions and rules

Get into it!

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