I can’t advocate strongly enough for people to vote for Noah's Animal House founder, Staci Alonso as one of the ten CNN Heroes for 2019.  The first facility of its kind in the country, Noah’s Animal House is a full-service pet shelter located right on the grounds of a domestic violence shelter in Las Vegas and another in Reno, with cat condos, indoor and outdoor dog runs, a vet station, a grooming station, and “cuddle rooms;” as well as a dedicated staff and volunteers who take care of the pets while the women look for jobs, attend therapy, and take back control of their lives.

And while each of this year’s ten finalists has done amazing work that is life-affirming, beneficial to society, and invariably thankless; I can tell you that (regardless of how you identify your higher power) what Staci has done, and continues to do with Noah’s Animal House, is truly God’s work.  Simply watch the CNN-produced video about Staci and Noah's, below, to find out what the organization is all about.

All ten of the finalists will be honored live on December 08, during the Anderson Cooper and Kelly Ripa-hosted CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute, where each will be presented with $10,000 for their respective organizations, as well as future training from the Annenberg Center to help their organizations grow.  Furthermore, the finalist who receives the most votes will be named the 2019 CNN Hero of the Year, and receive an additional $100,000 for that Hero's cause.  So, please vote!

You can cast your vote up to ten times each day (through December 03).  Just watch the short instructional video by Anderson Cooper (below), to learn how.

Staci Alonso | Top Ten CNN Heroes of 2019
Finalist, 2019 CNN Hero of the Year
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Get into it!

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