New Year’s Weekend in Las Vegas is always a headline-worthy celebrity-filled non-stop extravaganza, and with a trio of special events at PURE Nightclub and LAX, Angel Management Group is bringing the parties to their people.

The weekend kicks-off on Saturday, December 29th, at PURE Nightclub, with a birthday celebration for K-pop Internet sensation, PSY – he of “Gangnam Style” fame.  The horse-dancing YouTube juggernaut will be performing; and while it’s all about having fun, it’s important to keep your wits about you.  You see, it actually is possible to party ‘til you drop, as one Irish clan found out, last week, when the family patriarch fell dead of a heart attack while demonstrating his horsey dance moves, at his wife’s birthday party.  Remember kids, it’s only funny until someone suffers from acute heart failure.

Take the night off on Sunday, so you can be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for New Year’s Eve, on Monday night.  AMG is throwing two celeb-hosted bashes.  The first, at LAX, will be hosted by OG rapper, Law & Order: SVU star, and film documentarian Ice-T, and his foxy missus, Peepshow headliner, Coco Austin.  The two will be celebrating their eleventh anniversary, and now that Coco has her name in lights on one of the biggest marquees on the Strip, she’s newly minted Vegas royalty, and has been embraced by the city, wholeheartedly.  I met the couple many years ago, when Ice was being honored at a Players’ Ball, in Las Vegas, and I’ve gotta tell you, they couldn’t have been nicer, and made me feel right at home.

Back at PURE, Black Barbie, herself, will be headlining the shenanigans.  No, silly rabbits, I’m not talkin’ ‘bout RuPaul – I’m referring to that other Viva Glam spokes-goddess, Nicki Minaj.  Minaj has been referred to as “the most influential female rapper of all time” by no less a publication than The New York Times, and is the first and only female artist deemed worthy by the coterie of hip-hop journalist known as The Brain Trust to be included on their annual list of Hottest MCs in the Game for MTV.  Whether becoming the first solo artist in history to simultaneously have seven singles on Billboard’s Hot 100 Chart, joining Madonna onstage during the Halftime Show for Super Bowl XLVI, launching her signature perfume Pink Friday, lending her voice to the animated feature Ice Age 4: Continental Drift, or assuming the role of judge on American Idol; Nicki Minaj has made the past few years go by in a blur of Technicolor wigs, costumes, alter-egos, and make-up.  Climb onto her “Starship” and find-out why you “were meant to fly.”

New Year’s Weekend
PURE Nightclub and LAX
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Get into it!

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