Continued from Part 2...

I'd like to wrap-up with a bit of word-association, regarding some of the amazing women you've painted (with a few wildcards, thrown-in); so let’s start with Aaliyah…

Loyal.  And fearless; but loyal, to a fault.





Chaka Khan?


Deborah Cox?


The Ebony Fashion Fair?

Oh!  Empowering and educational

Fashion Fair Cosmetics?

Innovative, because they were the first...

Kelly Roland?

Weave (laughs)

Khandi Alexander?


Macy Gray?


Michelle Williams?

Hilarious!  She’s funny.

Missy Elliot?


Queen Latifah?



Opened the door...

Serena Williams?

The example she sets for young, black girls is beyond compare


So, so, so creative



Vanessa Williams?

Beautiful.  I used to just stare at her…

Way Bandy?

Oh, God! I've already used all of the words that I'd use for him!  I mean, I was so inspired by him!

I figured that’d be a great way to end; because when it comes to contemporary makeup, I’ve found that it always leads back to Way Bandy…

It really does!  I mean, if you want to break it down; it's like, there would have been no Kevyn Aucoin, no Pat McGrath, no François Nars, none of ‘em – let alone, any books about makeup* – without Way Bandy.

And I’d like to end by giving a little shout-out to my friend – Crystal, over at Hottie Hair: Salon and Extensions Store, on West Charleston Boulevard, here in Vegas – who's been kind enough to let me do this interview, in her establishment, as we’ve kind of taken-over her salon.  Thanks, Michael!

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[Editor’s Note: More than four decades after its release, Way Bandy’s best-selling book Designing Your Face: An Illustrated Guide to Using Cosmetics (Random House, 1977), is still considered the ne plus ultra primer on make-up application, thanks to illustrated step-by-step instructions that impart Bandy’s signature clean and all-natural style.]