Katy Perry PLAY is exactly what the title implies: Fun.  From start to finish (and with 20 songs, the show currently clocks in at somewhere around 100 minutes), it is a multisensory smorgasbord of sounds, sets, and sights, all presented as though in vivid Technicolor.

There are the over-the-top costumes by Zaldy, Heather Picciottino, and Johnny Wujek, wherein Perry is dressed in everything from a red fringed “Mushroom” jumpsuit to a “Soda Can” dress over which she dons a “Trash” cape. 

The sets draw allusions from such disparate sources as Alice in Wonderland and Cats to Pee-Wee’s Playhouse and South Park, and feature a 16-foot-tall toilet, a giant snail measuring 12-feet-long and 11-feet-tall, and an array of mushrooms in heights ranging from nine- to 20-feet-tall.  

And then there are the songs.  20 of them, some performed in medleys, presented in five acts.  Recently, a friend told me that she thought of Perry not as a singer or a dancer so much as a music video performance artist, and this residency certainly makes the most of that strength.

In addition to the hits, and a couple of lesser-known works, Perry introduces fans to her latest release, “When I’m Gone,” a collaboration with Swedish DJ wunderkind, Alesso, that was released on the same day as her show debuted (December 29, 2021), and was performed live in a medley with Perry’s 2013 single, “Walking on Air,” as part of CNN’s New Year’s Eve Live, with Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen.

Is it campy?  Is it corny?  Is it crazy?  Yes, yes, a thousand times, yes!  All of which makes for a great Las Vegas residency.  Add in the fact that Katy Perry PLAY is intended for most ages, and you’ve got yourselves one heckuva show, that, when paired with dinner at Carversteak, makes for one fantastic evening, all under the same roof!

Katy Perry PLAY
The Theatre at Resorts World Las Vegas
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Get into it!

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