When an F&B guy starts carrying-on about giving his guests the opportunity to “taste some of the best-selling dim sum on our menu,” a number of things might cross your mind.  You might think “Best-selling?  What’s the best-tasting?” or “Who isn’t serving dim sum, these days?”  When that F&B guy is Mott 32 GM, Nathan Grates, however; both of those questions become moot.  For one thing, Mott 32’s dim sum menu is unilaterally tasty (so, let the sales speak for themselves!); and unlike the flood of dim sum come-latelys, the chefs at this Hong Kong import know them some sum.

Located at The Venetian Resort Las Vegas, Mott 32’s new Dim Sum & Drink Sum menu gets right to the nitty-gritty of a kitchen known for its farm-to-table presentations of Cantonese, Shanghai, and Beijing cuisines, with favorites including the Shredded Peking Duck Mushroom Spring Rolls, Crispy Squid with Baby Corn, and Iberico Pork Shanghainese Soup Dumplings (those Xiaolongbao are a personal fave); as well as some craftily concocted cocktails, including the Five O’Clock in Hong Kong and the Mott St. Mint Julip to quench your thirst.

Grates positions this latest elevation of the restaurant’s offerings as “another way to enjoy Mott 32 favorites with a fun twist.”  Of course, when – as part of it’s award-winning design by Hong Kong’s Joyce Wang – the restaurant in question features a dining table topped by a vintage roulette wheel, and a chandelier from which hangs a feather boa (not to mention the fortune teller and the napkin-sketch artist who entertain those making the scene); well, that guy might just know a thing or two about fun twists.

You can now enjoy the edited selection of dim sum, cocktails, and wine on Mott 32’s new Dim Sum & Drink Sum menu, from 5-7pm and from 9-11pm, daily; in Mott 32’s bar and lounge, at The Venetian Resort Las Vegas.

Xiǎngshòu nǐ de diǎnxīn!

Dim Sum & Drink Sum menu
Mott 32 | The Venetian Resort Las Vegas

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