The City Club Hotel started as an erudite gentlemen’s club that featured sleeping quarters for its members (and its members’ butlers – whose rooms are now the hotel’s Petite Rooms).  That was at the dawn of the 20th century.  Fast forward to the end of the century: It’s 1999 and the property has been acquired by hotelier Jeff Klein, and been restored to its previous glory.

The rooms are all very chicly done, with ultra-suede daybeds, and feather-down beds; but it’s in the Grand Duplex Suites that some of the hotel’s most special features are displayed in the most favorable light (that’s flooding-in from the Suite’s private terrace, through its two-story wall of windows).

Located on the City Club’s third and fourth floors, these well-conceived duplexes feature a living room downstairs, with a large plasma-screen television, a dining area, and a powder room, as well as the door to the terrace.  A spiral staircase takes one upstairs, to the Master Suite, with its cork-floored, chocolate marble bathroom, stocked with a full-array of Lavender-Peppermint Formula products from C.O. Bigelow Apothecaries.

Fall onto the king-sized cloud of down, and gaze up at the intricate design of the ceilings that harken back to when these floors were occupied by the ballroom.  Due to the design of the Grand Duplex Suites, the 20-foot ceilings are downright majestic, and used to their fullest advantage.

Round-the-clock room service is provided by none other than Chef Daniel Boulud, whose DB Bistro Moderne is located off the Lobby, and serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner; not to mention the Original DB Burger – a truly French affair, it’s a sirloin burger, that’s been stuffed with braised short-ribs, foie gras, and black truffles, and is served on a parmesan bun, with a side of frites, and a gift certificate for a complimentary angioplasty.  (Just kidding about the cardiologist…)

And while housekeeping comes at sundown, to turn-down your room, for the evening; in lieu of the clichéd mint-on-the-pillow, one returns to a pair of delicious, freshly-baked, chocolate chip cookies on the nightstand.

Of course, as I’ve become more firmly enmeshed in middle-age, I love my afternoon naps.  Luckily for me, in the Grand Duplex Suites, the buttons that raise and lower the sheer draperies as well as the blackout shades (to cover that 20-foot wall of windows) are located next to the bed.

I’m sure some of you are thinking “Stairs?  Feh!” Well, fear not: Your needs have been heeded; as there’s a door in the bathroom that opens to the fourth floor hallway (and through which the bellmen delivers one’s luggage).  And speaking of luggage, there are a number of “secret” cabinets, built into the wall, along that spiral staircase; so as to surreptitiously store one’s bags.

Grand Duplex Suites
City Club Hotel | New York

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