Revolver Gallery – home to the largest gallery-owned collection of Andy Warhol’s artwork – is celebrating the unveiling of its new location at Bergamot Station with the critically acclaimed touring show, Andy Warhol: Revisited.  Launching on the 30th anniversary of Warhol’s passing, this prized exhibition pays tribute to the iconic artist who continues to influence and inspire so many art lovers, worldwide. 

Andy Warhol: Revisited – curated by Revolver Gallery’s Founder/Curator, Ron Rivlin and Gallery Director, Korbin Coskey – is a wall-to-wall, salon-style exhibition, featuring more than 200 original Warhol artworks that date from the 1960s through the 1980s; including many of Andy’s iconic works, as well as interactive installations, themed rooms, and guest speakers. 

In the words of Rivlin – who founded the Revolver Gallery in 2012, and dedicated its programming to the promotion and preservation of Andy Warhol’s legacy, through education and experience – “Revisited encapsulates the artist's fascination with glamour, fame, money, celebrity and tragedy through his artistic creations." 

Some of the exciting highlights of Andy Warhol: Revisited include: 

  • Warhol’s 1974 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow, along with the original registration, making this the first time his car will be displayed to the public 
  • 15 very rare, complete portfolios of Warhol’s, including one Marilyn Monroe 
  • A rare Stable Gallery plywood Campbell’s Juice Box, previously owned by Halston 
  • An extremely rare Andy Mouse portfolio that was a collaboration between Warhol and Keith Haring 
  • Several paintings from 1981, including Dollar Sign; the black-and-white paintings from the Ads and Illustrations series; and Guns (which depicts the actual weapon that Valerie Solanas used in her failed attempt to assassinate Warhol in the late ‘60s) 

There’s even gonna be a room dedicated to Billy Name – the famed Factory photographer, who designed and created the legendary Silver Factory.  There, visitors can take a selfie on Warhol’s blood-orange Factory sofa, as well as the re-created wall of Campbell’s Soup Cans, and relax; between bouts of marveling over Warhol’s famous works. 

Andy Warhol: Revisited will be a free-with-reservation exhibition, debuting with a VIP opening, on Saturday, February 11th, from 6-10pm. 

Andy Warhol: Revisited
Revolver Gallery
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Get into it!

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