There’s nothing like a unique pairing to catch my interest, especially when it’s two things that you wouldn’t necessarily think to put together.  So, when I heard that two of my favorite Las Vegas entrepreneurs—restaurateur Elizabeth Blau and jewelry designer Dee Berkely—had put their heads together (metaphorically, of course, seeing as we’re in the midst of a pandemic) and decided to team-up for a Bake Sale and Holiday Jewelry Bazaar, I was pretty psyched. 

Stocking up on yummy baked goods and sweet treats from Honey Salt while snagging some of the sparkly stacks and joyful jewels for which Dee Berkely Jewelry is known?  Sign me up!

The Bake-Sale and Holiday Jewelry Bazaar will be taking place at Honey Salt (at Rampart Commons), this Friday, December 11, from 1pm to 6pm.  Complimentary offerings of Mulled Wine will be offered.  And while the possible combinations and arrangements of Dee Berkely Jewelry are too vast to mention, herein; below is a partial listing of some of the edible offerings à la Honey Salt that will be available for purchase:

Artisanal Sandwich Station
Warm Porchetta and Arugula on Demi Baguette

Grilled Cheese and Streaky Thick-Cut Bacon on Filone Bread
HS Bahn Mi on Demi Baguette
Italian Salumi and Cheese on Crispy Rolls

Apple Cider Doughnut Cake

Chocolate Whoopie Pie
Cinnamon Rolls
Coffee Cake
Coley Chunk Cookies
Fruitcakes (not a reference to me, though I will be there)
Kitchen Sink Bars
Pantry Cookies
Peanut Butter Blossoms
Peanut Butter Brookies
Pennsylvania Dutch Monkey Bread
Rice Krispie Treats
Sourdough Bread

As for me, I’m so looking forward to sinking my teeth into one of Honey Salt’s Peanut Butter Brookies—a decadent chocolate chunk brownie, topped with a peanut butter cookie (in lieu of the de rigueur chocolate chip cookie)—that my mouth has already started watering.  Meanwhile, Dee Berkley's “D” Bracelet and Paperclip Chain are personal faves that'll zhuzh-up any look.

So, I’ll see y’all, there; with masks on and maintaining appropriate social distances.  Ciao, for now!

Bake Sale & Holiday Jewelry Bazaar
Honey Salt | Rampart Commons

Friday, December 11 | 1pm to 6pm
Click HERE for info

Get into it!

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