Are your four-legged friends more valuable to you than words can express?  Is your precious little pup getting into fights with the bitch next door?  Are people coming for your pooch?  If you’ve answered “Yes!” to any of these, then you might want to check out the world’s first armored 24k gold dog-jacket.

Designed by our across-the-Pond chums at Doggy Armour (designers of protective canine apparel); the 24k gold dog-jacket – emblazoned with your choice of black Swarovski crystals (priced from £750) or black diamonds (priced up to £1 million, depending on carat weight, clarity, and cut) – is achieved via a proprietary application of Nano metalizing tech.  Furthermore, thanks to the company’s bespoke dog tailoring service, Fido is assured of a best-in-show fit.

Select any of the ‘Golden Textile’ 24k gold Nano-coated fabrics, offered by Doggy Armour.  They have the value of gold, and the Nano-structuring embraces 99.99% gold – the purity and content of which is tested and then certified, by authorized international inspection organizations.

In addition to the Swarovski crystals (or black diamonds), the dog-jacket comes accessorized with your choice of a golden bow or tie (your dog’s fashion fluidity is left to your discretion), as well as a gold-plated leash-connector.

Designed to protect your canine companion from bites; at 15 times stronger than steel, and eight times stronger than Kevlar, the armor in the dog-jacket can be enhanced to protect from even more dangerous threats, including knives.  A flow of air is allowed, thanks to the lining of the dog jackets having been designed with a 3D fabric.  And it’s barely heavier than a standard dog-jacket!

The following statistics, as reported by the Daily Mirror, are for the year between November 2016 and October 2017:

  • One in seven dog owners have witnessed their pet attacked by another dog
  • 64,097 dogs died as a result of being attacked (or attacking)
  • Pet owners (collectively) spent £458 million, on post-attack dog injuries

Doggy Armour has committed to using a percentage of the proceeds from sales of the 24k gold dog-jacket, to fund the construction of innovative armored jackets* to protect the specially-trained dogs that accompany the anti-poaching teams keeping our world’s elephants, rhinos, and tigers safe from hunters.  These dogs face poachers wielding knives, machetes, guns, and spears; and as such, the armor has been designed to offer maximum protection, while ensuring flexibility, speed, and prevention from overheating.

And while I doubt any of us could attempt to put a price on our favorite fur-balls, the kind folks at Doggy Armour have done that for us.  Cheers!

24K Gold Armored Dog-Jacket
Doggy Armour
Click HERE for info

Get into it!

[Editor’s Note: A separate division of Doggy Armour, known as Doggy Armour Elite]

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