Having just soaked in the fifth edition of One Night for ONE DROP™, it’s no wonder why this annual Cirque du Soleil-imagined gala has become one of Las Vegas’ signature philanthropic events.  This year, the multi-part evening – presented by MGM Resorts International and Zappos.com – took place at the New York-New York Hotel & Casino, and made full-use of the property’s facilities.  There was a VIP Pre-Party, featuring a performance by Lisa Loeb, in the Liberty Lofts; the evening’s one-time-only performance took place in the Zumanity Theatre; and later, the After-Party raged out by the pool.

As in the previous four editions, the show was conceived of and created to be executed on one night only (in this case, Friday, March 3rd).  Furthermore, everyone involved – from performers, directors, and choreographers, to costumers, make-up artists, and technical folks – donated their time.  And not the time when they’re at work, mind you; but the time when they’d otherwise be with their families, or relaxing (as the two aren’t always mutually exclusive), or whatever.  They rehearse and practice and modify, then do it all again; all for a performance that will only be seen live by this one audience on this special night.

This year’s show was a departure, in a number of ways.  Writer-Directors Laetitia and Nicky Dewhurst tweaked the artistic direction, giving us a circus narrative involving time travel; and introduced the spoken word as well as humor to the performance.  More importantly, they did so with aplomb; and pulled it off, magnificently – resulting in, what I found to be the most entertaining One Night for ONE DROP™ to date.  I mean, let’s face it – comedy is hard.  And what’s more, Americans don’t always grasp the finer points of English humor.  But the Dewhursts kept the mood light and the metaphoric message (appreciate what you’ve got, lest you have to make amends for past actions) clear.

This year’s line-up of special guest performers included burlesque comedy duo Daredevil Chicken (who performed a hilarious banana-spitting act, as well as a quick-change number); Duo Sky Angels, who delivered a one-of-a-kind circus act with acrobatics and aerials;  America’s Got Talent Season 11 semi-finalists, Malevo (aka Argentina’s “Magic Mikes”), whose rhythmic Malambo act included tap-dancing in Gaucho boots, while whirling boleadoras, and beating drums; and the Season 11 winner of America’s Got Talent, Grace VanderWaal, who sang “Light the Sky” while playing the ukulele. 

Multiplatinum Canadian recording-artists, The Tenors, performed a pair of songs by Queen (the iconic “Bohemian Rhapsody,” as well as the ballad “Who Wants to Live Forever” from the 1986 film Highlander); and in the finale, all were joined onstage by Grammy-nominated vocalist, Redfoo; and 2-time Emmy-winner, William Shatner, who boldly suggested going where we’d never gone, before (in this case, Mars).

After the show’s finale, everyone made their way to the pool, where the after-party was under way.  I’d been given the seats directly in front of Shatner’s, in the audience; and had agreed that I’d wait to bug him for a photo, until the after-party.  As such, I spent part of the night asking all and sundry “Have you seen William Shatner?”  And despite my Shatner-hunt being for naught, the party was a blast!  I mean, burgers from Shake Shack, and a performance by Live Nation’s newest resident headliners, Backstreet Boys?  Only in Vegas…

Congratulations and thanks to everyone at Cirque du Soleil, ONE DROP™, and all of the committee members and volunteers whose diligent efforts ensured that this would be a truly unforgettable evening.

One Night for ONE DROP™
Fifth Edition | Friday, March 3rd

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Get into it!

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