Is it possible to be all things to all people?  No.  Full stop.  Especially not with a restaurant, because being the best at anything requires specialization. 

But, what if an individual conceiving a new restaurant was to imagine a venue that would begin the day as a coffeehouse-cum-bakery; expanding its purview to beckon the local cognoscenti for lunch; then, bringing together hipsters and families, alike, for dinner; and finally, drawing late-night denizens as a cool yet easy hang with a creative mixology program?  And what if this individual was to assemble an all-star team, of sorts, drawing from the culinary talents of the esteemed Wolfgang Puck Fine Dining Group?  Sounds pretty damn appealing, right?

That’s what David Robins thought.  Robins (fast approaching his twentieth anniversary as Managing Partner, Operations & Corporate Chef of Wolfgang Puck Fine Dining Group) has been enamored with the Arts District neighborhood since before it was known as such, and recently opened 1228 Main as a partnership with Puck that—thanks to a roster of longtime WPFDG superstars as well as some skilled up-and-comers—is that rare restaurant which excels at being many things to many different types of people, and from which guests of all sorts emerge happy.

That 1228 Main is able to be so good at so much is due—like Chanel’s Metiers d’Art—to its team comprised of exceptionally skilled specialists, including culinary director, Dustin Lewandowski; executive chef, Alex Huizar; director of pastry development and ops, Kamel Guechida; executive pastry chef, Sebastien Polycarpe; and lead baker, Brittany Simmons; all of whom ensure that whether you’ve come for a pastry and coffee to enjoy over your morning paper (perused on a tablet, because technology); a terrific salad and savory sandwich over lunch with friends; some shareable bites and pasta with the family for dinner; or cocktails with co-workers; you’re gonna be sated and looking forward to coming back, again.

Now, having enjoyed 1228 Main’s brunch, lunch, and dinner services, I’m gonna elucidate you on the dishes and items I’ve most enjoyed.


Pain au Chocolat

Strawberry & Cream Danish
Harry’s berries and vanilla cream filling

Napa Valley Smoked Salmon
potato latke, dill crème fraiche, salted cucumbers, and red onion

Warm Ham & Gruyere Croissant
local greens and sherry vinaigrette

Croissant French Toast
Chantilly cream, powdered sugar, and maple syrup

1228 Wagyu Burger
brioche bun, Dijonnaise, American cheese, kosher dill pickle, red onion, and Kennebec fries

Oatmeal Raisin Cookie



Grilled Chicken Petite Greens
house dressing, sautéed goat cheese, and candied pecans

Pastrami & Melty Gruyere
fermented cabbage slaw, charred Fresno aioli, grilled seeded rye, and fries

Smoked Bacon BLT *
mayo, heirloom tomato, iceberg lettuce, toasted Pullman loaf, and potato chips

1228 Wagyu Burger
brioche bun, Dijonnaise, American cheese, kosher dill pickle, red onion, and Kennebec fries

Amalfi Lemon Cake
olive oil cake and lemon buttercream

Oatmeal Raisin Cookie



Cowgirl Creamy Pierce Point
triple cream cheese and toasted cherry walnut bread

Duck Confit Rillettes
Dijon mustard and toasted sourdough baguette

Spicy Hand-cut Steak Tartar
garlic-chili almond salsa matcha crispy golden potatoes, and garlic aioli

San Marzano Tomato Spaghetti
crispy pancetta, garlic, chili, and Parmigiano Reggiano

1228 Wagyu Burger
brioche bun, Dijonnaise, American cheese, kosher dill pickle, red onion, and Kennebec fries

Truffle Chicken Pot Pie
market vegetables, thyme velouté, and house-made puff pastry

Basque Cheesecake
fresh strawberry coulis

Oatmeal Raisin Cookie

If you’ve noticed that I’ve listed the 1228 Wagyu Burger and the Oatmeal Raisin Cookie at brunch, lunch, and dinner, and are wondering whether I’ve done so erroneously (or am having a stroke), I assure you it was very much intentional, as I’ve enjoyed both at every meal I’ve had at 1228 Main—usually taking to latter to-go and eating it on my way to the car—and I’ve yet to experience any sense of diminishing return on either.

Located in the Las Vegas Arts District, at 1228 S. Main St., between W. California Ave. and W. Colorado Ave., 1228 Main is open for Breakfast (Mon-Fri, 8A-1P), Brunch (Sat-Sun, 8A-4P), Lunch (Mon-Fri, 11A-3P), and Dinner (Tue-Sat, 5P-10P; Sun-Mon, 5P-9P), with Happy Hour (daily, 3P-6P).

1228 Main
Las Vegas Arts District
Click HERE for info

Get into it!

[Editor’s Notes: * Though quite yummy when served as it appears on the menu, I’ve asked the chef to add a grilled chicken breast, red onion, and Swiss cheese; and from what I understand, a similarly scrumptious sandwich is coming soon to the menu!]

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