Did you know that some fifteen years ago, while in India, Ricky Martin saved a trio of young girls from being trafficked into lives of sexual slavery?  Well, I didn’t, and it just goes to show you the kind of person Martin is.

The figures are both eye-opening and heart-wrenching.  There are nearly 46 million victims of human trafficking, in the world, today; millions of which are kids.  This is happening in every country, across the globe; and – due to generating more than $150 billion, annually – has become the world’s second most lucrative crime.

It’s a lot to digest: I know.  But, now that I’ve given you your medicine; buck up – because here comes the sugar, in the form of the following impassioned plea, from Martin, himself… 

I need your help!

You might not know this, but in 2002 I rescued three young girls from being sold into slavery on the streets of Calcutta. They were just moments away from a life of sexual exploitation and human trafficking, a sad reality for victims all over the world. Not every child is this lucky, and unfortunately this horrendous crime continues to affect thousands of men, women, and children every day.

That’s why I started the Ricky Martin Foundation. Together, we’re taking a stand against human trafficking through academic research, education, and prevention. We’re asking you to help us make a difference!

Today, when you donate $10 to the Ricky Martin Foundation, we’re entering you in a contest to win our GRAND PRIZE – a trip to see my live show in Las Vegas on September 19!  You and a friend will fly out, snap a photo, and see one of the hottest shows in the entertainment capital of the world! Airfare and hotel? We’ve got you covered there, too!

Help us make a difference and get your shot at seeing my live show in Vegas with a friend! I can’t wait to meet you guys!

So, there you have it.  Simply click on the link, (below the video, at the end of this article), to enter this exciting contest.  Besides – instead of shaking your head in disgust, at those horrible human trafficking statistics; wouldn’t you rather grab a pal and shake your respective bon-bons, as guests of Ricky Martin?  I know I would.

Ricky Martin ALL IN
Park Theater | Monte Carlo Las Vegas
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Get into it!