Good Art HLYWD
With Saks Fifth Avenue hosting a multi-department takeover by Good Art HLYWD, coinciding with the Mayweather/McGregor bout, the Los Angeles-based luxury brand is going Vegas, and loving every minute of it! [Part 1 of 2]
The Who
As they wrap-up their mini-residency at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace, all I’m thinking is how lucky I am to have seen THE WHO, live, one more time.
While attending the premiere of SHARKNADO 5: GLOBAL SWARMING, it occurred to me that turning off my brain might be the best way to enjoy the show… And it totally worked!
Pulling out all the stops to celebrate both the tenth anniversary of its inception, and the fortieth birthday of co-Founder Eric Cohen, The Calida Group made its friends and fans merry with a memorable roast
The secret behind the success of BAZ STAR CROSSED LOVE (besides its talented cast) is the fantastic selection of contemporary music to which these well-known stories play out.
Assael necklace
A stand-out, at this year’s COUTURE show, at Wynn Las Vegas, was this one-of-a-kind, museum-quality necklace of hand-carved Angelskin Coral beads, presented by ASSAEL.
BAZ Boot Camp
How the BAZ Boot Camp party almost killed this body; and why I’d still do it all again, tomorrow!
Standard Spa Miami
Located on Belle Isle, a mere stone’s throw from the action of South Beach, the Standard Spa is an oasis of calm in a city known for its late nights and percussive sound
Earth Wind and Fire
With their unique blend of disco, funk, soul, jazz, pop and African music, Earth, Wind & Fire tore the roof off the subterranean Pearl Concert Theater at Palms Resort Casino.