To better give you an idea of the sorts of items that will be available, later this month, when Good Art HLYWD comes to Las Vegas, to do their multi-department takeover of Saks Fifth Avenue at Fashion Show; here’s a rundown of each item seen in the slideshow that accompanies this article.  This way, you can ask for any item, by name.

All items produced by Good Art HLYWD are available in Sterling Silver, 18K White Gold, and 22K Gold.  Prices given are for the item(s), as shown.

Slide 1:

Large, double-sided ROSETTE Zippo™ lighter, in Sterling Silver ($1,725)

MODEL 4 cufflinks in Sterling Silver, with Black Diamonds ($2,600), and with White Diamonds ($7,400)

BRO FIST pendant, in Sterling Silver ($345)

MODEL 19 ring, in 22K Gold, with Cognac Diamonds ($14,595)

Slide 2:

The SHAZAM! pendant – inspired by a friend of Good Art HLYWD, it’s become a symbol of power for the house – in sizes AAA-D ($155-$666), with size B shown on CURB Chain #4 ($365 and $1,745), in Sterling Silver

Custom-made SHAZAM! pendant (size: “Fucking Huge”), in Sterling Silver with White Diamond pave, as created for Axl Rose ($20,000)

Slide 3:

MODEL 20 FRIDA ring composed of 11 cutout rosettes, in 6 different sizes, stacked on a beveled shank, creating varying depths of surface in 22K Gold ($6,455)

MODEL 25 ring using the center of Good Art’s rosette motif, and repeating it, creating a band-ring with plenty of space for stone placement in 22K Gold ($8,500)

The RACHEL ring made for the one and only Rachel Cleverley, the First Lady of Good Art HLYWD  shown in 22K Gold, with a brilliant-cut Natural Grey Diamond (4.75cts), and 16 brilliant-cut White Diamonds in the shank ($45,000)

Slide 4:

Josh Warner, at his workbench, in the Good Art HLYWD studio (Photo: Rachel Cleverley)

The SHIV SUCIO with Spring Ring and Included Screwdriver Good Art HLYWD’s take on the retractable utility knife in Sterling Silver with 22K Gold Screw ($3,225)

FLYING BOLOGNA PONY pendant, in Sterling Silver ($333)

SWISS LINK watchband pictured on a vintage Rolex™ 1680 ‘Red’ Submariner in Sterling Silver ($2,200)

Slide 5:

Originally designed in 1993, each link in a JACK SKULL bracelet is individually cast, cleaned, and polished by hand; before being cut and soldered to the next.  The final link in any JACK SKULL chain has a swinging-arm that connects to the first link, making the clasp appear hidden.

JACK SKULL #6 bracelet, in Sterling Silver ($2,120)

DESK SKULL only five of these “skullptures” are produced annually, and no two are alike.  Some might feature a 22K Gold tooth, while others might feature a ruby eye, or an articulated mandible  in solid Sterling Silver ($6,500)

JACK SKULL #6 bracelet, in Sterling Silver, with single skull in 22K Gold ($10,000)

‘Goes to 11’ JACK SKULL rosary chain with JACK SKULL cross pendant, in 22K Gold, as created for Nick Cassavetes ($34,800)

Slide 6:

One of Good Art HLYWD’s most celebrated designs; the Model 10 bracelet has been referred to as “the best bracelet in the world.”  Each of the asymmetrical links is individually cast, then cut open, closed around each other, and soldered shut.  Due to the slight outward curving of the its levers, the clasp allows for easy, single-handed pinching; ensuring the ease with which the wearer can put it on and take it off.

MODEL 10 B bracelet, in Sterling Silver ($1,755)

MODEL 10 bracelet in sizes AAA-D, in Sterling Silver ($1,355-$3,525)

MODEL 10 clasp, in Sterling Silver (available soon, as a pendant!)

MODEL 10 B bracelet, in Sterling Silver with Rubies ($12,090), and with Black Diamonds ($14,500)

Slide 7:

Josh Warner, photographed at his desk, with Charlie Dogface (Photo: Brian Doben)

Good Art HLYWD
Saks Fifth Avenue | Fashion Show
Thursday, August 24th – Sunday, August 27th

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