One Drop
Following World Water Day, I thought it’d be appropriate to tell y’all what ONE DROP does, and where they do it [Part 1 of 2]
Doggy Armour
Doggy Armour has produced the first armored 24k gold dog-jacket; and depending on the options, it could run you more than $1.4 million. But really, how can you put a price on canine safety fashion?
Todd Reed
If you’re a Millennial (or you know someone who is) this contest is the perfect way to win a pair of custom commitment bands by artisanal American jewelry designer, Todd Reed!
The Barbacoa Boyz
When Pit Master Jay Austin teamed-up with Chef JP and his Arepa-making wizardry, The Barbacoa Boyz was created; and LA’s BBQ scene hasn’t been the same, since!
Following my recent throat surgery, I knew my first meal off the Soft-Food bandwagon had to be at ELIA Authentic Greek Taverna – now open for lunch!
Bazaar Meat
With it's dark decor and share-inducing portions, BAZAAR MEAT - Chef José Andrés' steakhouse at SLS Las Vegas - is the perfect place to dine with those in front of whom you can shamelessly eat for a few hours.
ONOD 2018
For the sixth edition of One Night for ONE DROP, the life story of the Grammy-nominated artist JEWEL shines a light on the quest for sustainable water
Honey Salt BC
With the second outpost of Honey Salt – at Canada's new Parq Vancouver – Elizabeth Blau and Chef Kim Canteenwalla have been able to recapture lightening in a bottle; and it’s the culinary equivalent of bumping into an old friend in an unexpected locale.
CHICAGO - with a trio of its original members - brings the funk and then some to their Las Vegas residency at The Venetian, through the 24th of February.