Okay.  By now you’ve received the beautifully laid-out newspaper circulars and seen the commercials (starring the gorgeous Karlie Kloss) for the ground-breaking collaboration between Neiman Marcus and Target, featuring 50 holiday-inspired creations by two dozen members of the CFDA (now celebrating its 50th Anniversary); or you’re that guy who claims “I never watch TV” and you apparently don’t get mail and live in a box, as well.

But never you fear, ‘cause Shulman is here!

I’m actually gonna let the slideshow and the commercial (above) and the video (below) do most of the “talking” for me.  After all, why should I do the heavy lifting when folks like Ken Downing (VP/Fashion Director – Neiman Marcus), Stacia Andersen (SVP, Merchandising – Target), and Diane von Furstenberg (President – Council of Fashion Designers of America) do it so well.  I’d just hate to steal their thunder, you know?

But here’s the big news (in two parts): first, as a tip-of-the-philanthropic cap to the 24 designers who have given us this holiday collection, Neiman Marcus and Target have donated one million dollars to the CFDA.  Why is this important?  Well, for every Donna, Ralph, and Calvin, there are hundreds of talented designers you’ve never (yet) heard of, just trying to get noticed or produce a collection or get health insurance.  Fashion doesn’t just grow on trees, you know (except maybe in one of Manfred Thierry Mugler’s feverish flights of fantastical fashion fancy).

Second (and this one applies to the rest of us), Neiman Marcus stores are going to open early – at 8am, on Saturday, December 1st.  Better still, for those of y’all willing to bear the wind-chill, the friendly folks from Neiman Marcus will be serving refreshments (with any luck, demitasses of their signature boullion; or, better still, their legendary popovers with strawberry butter) and registering you for a chance to win a NM Gift Card worth $5,000!

And which items are my personal faves?  Well, Brian Atwood’s studded leather gloves ($50), Philip Crangi’s frame ($50), Altuzarra’s tray and cocktail set ($180), Derek Lam’s skateboard ($100), Marchesa’s girls’ dresses ($100 and $80), Oscar de la Renta’s dog collar and leash ($40), rag & bone’s cardigan ($70), Rodarte’s wrapping paper ($8), Thom Browne’s blazer ($150), Skaist-Taylor’s kid’s furry hat ($40), Prabal Gurung’s cape ($80), and Marc Jacobs’ scarf and pouches ($70 each).

And to my pal Anthony, who is still trying to get his head around such cross-over collaborations: just go with it.  Your wife gets it, and that’s all you need to know!

Neiman Marcus and Target present
50 Holiday Gifts from the CFDA
Click HERE to view and shop the collection

Get into it!

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