A few times each year, I get a hankering for pancakes.  Not too long ago, this familiar feeling came over me, and – since my folks were leaving the following day, on their annual summer sojourn – I figured that a Bon Voyage brunch was a good idea (because I’ve found that there’s nothing better for a parent-child relationship than a continent, an ocean, and with any luck, another continent).  Also, around this time, I was chatting with restaurateur Elizabeth Blau, who told me that she and her husband/partner Chef Kim Canteenwalla did brunches at both Honey Salt and Made L.V., and that I should check it out.  And, after a bit of convincing, I was able to talk my Dad into “schlepping” over to the West side.

Not being a total newb to Honey Salt (I’ve been known to stop in, for a Brookie to go, on my way to my orthopedic surgeon, whose office is up the street), I put in an order of the Monkey Bread (baked citrus brioche with honey bourbon sauce) as I was being led to my table.  As I took my first bite of its sweet, gooey goodness, I knew I’d chosen wisely. 

Having done my due diligence with the menu, I was pretty sure of what I was getting, but opted to wait for the rest of the party to arrive.  Not being ones to dilly dally when food is forthcoming, we ordered within minutes of their arrival.  Shortly thereafter, heaping helpings of food began to arrive at our table (our server was fantastic, and I loved her hipster haircut). 

First up (since the Monkey Bread was but a mere memory, at this point), were the Heirloom Tomato Burratta (figs, basil, balsamic vinaigrette, extra virgin olive oil, and shaved bittersweet chocolate) and the Spicy House Sausage Flatbread (with green olives, shaved fennel, parmesan, and ricotta).  The Burratta was really something special.  Enough so, that my father was fondly reminiscing about it, the next morning.  As for the Flatbread, it was zesty and flavorful, and still tasted great, leftover, Monday night. 

Next were the mains, and they were excellent!  The Blueberry Buttermilk Pancakes (with lemon curd and maple syrup) were big and fluffy and light.  (Gooey is great for Monkey Bread; but for pancakes, not so much.)  The lemon curd added an unusual zing to a longtime breakfast fave.  The Strawberry Shortcake French Toast (with strawberry jam and whipped cream) was another clever twist on a classic, and thanks to the crispy cereal crust was crunchtastic!

I don’t eat eggs, but according to my stepmother, her Weekend Frittata (with spinach, garlic, potatoes, roasted tomato, and parmesan) was lovely; while my dad mumbled something positive about the Steak & Egg Sliders (scrambled eggs, creamed spinach, and beehive cheddar, with roasted breakfast potatoes), but between his chewing – not to mention the sparks coming off of my silverware – it was hard to comprehend. 

Along the way, there was also an order of Fingerling Potatoes & Caramelized Onions that I ordered with Applewood Smoked Bacon – and suffice it to say that it wasn’t long for this world.  Actually, I’d consumed half of it, before I remembered to take a photo. 

Finally, at the close of the meal, our server brought over a quintet of bite-sized Molten Chocolate Brownies, with my catch-phrase written on the plate, in chocolate.  You’ve really gotta love personalized service (especially when it involves chocolate)! 

So, if you’re in the Southwest part of town – and even if you’re not – take the time to head into Honey Salt for the Sunday Brunch.  But block out a few hours, and enjoy yourself.  And pick a designated driver, because those Bottomless Mimosas and Bloody Marys really pack a wallop! 

Sunday Brunch
Honey Salt
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Get into it!

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