This event has it all, for me.  A respected fashionista who knows that of which he speaks?  Splendid!    Beautiful clothes and stylish accessories?  Terrific!  A tie-in to a great (and appropriately tied-in) organization?  Fab!  Las Vegas’ sparkly-eyed, sly-witted, ambassador of culture and charm, as host?  If I loved it any more I’d be peeing in my patent Pradas.

So, enough vagaries – here are the deets.

Saks Fifth Avenue has teamed-up with Patrick Duffy (no, not the actor from Lorimar-Television’s famed prime-time soap, Dallas).  Together, they are asking you to join them as they welcome Eric Jennings, Saks’ Vice President/Fashion Director – Men’s, Home, and Gifts.

In addition to a fashion presentation featuring Jennings’ favorite looks and trends for Fall/Winter 2012, 10% of the evening’s proceeds will be donated by Saks, to The Gay & Lesbian Community Center of Southern Nevada (up to $10,000).

So, come on down to Saks, gobble-up an appetizer or three,  and then down a cocktail or two (this is where a less genteel writer might insert that old joke about how the gay rooster woke the farm – but I like to pretend that I’m better than that…).  Now with lowered inhibitions and properly lubricated purse-strings, you can ogle the models and shop for a cause.

Saks Fifth Avenue & Patrick Duffy welcome
ERIC JENNINGS, VP/Fashion Director – Men’s, Home, Gifts
The Men's Store at Saks – The Fashion Show
Thursday, November 15th – 5:30 to 8pm
Click HERE to RSVP

Get into it!

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