One of my best friends, from the three years I spent studying in Tucson, was this fascinating young lady named Marlo.  Marlo was a stunner with legs up-to-there, was highly killed in the art of Muay Thai kickboxing (this in the early '90s, mind you), ran the table at any poolhall in town (always stylishly dressed) and had lived everywhere from Ireland to the Philippines; but while we were in college, her family lived in Santa Fe.  Well, Marlo loved spicy food.  She especially enjoyed the culinary treats provided by our neighbors from south of the boarder; and as we ate together quite frequently it was only natural that I would develope a taste for quality Mexican food.

So, when Los Jarochos took over the space previously occupied by such restaurants as Kabob Palace, and Panini, I figured “Hmmm…”  Then I sent my friend Nicole, and she reported back that it was fantastic.  Well, that was good enough for me, and as such, it’s become one of my go-to spots for a quick flavorful meal.

Best of all, since everything is made fresh-to-order; so whether you’re someone who’s happy with things the way they are, or one of those pains-in-the-ass (like me) who has a fussy palate and a couple food allergies (and regularly asks for substitutions or has ingredients held), the food is prepared quickly, served with a gracious smile, and is customized to your tastes.

And while the décor is Spartan (bordering on the institutional), it’s apparent that every penny goes into providing the most pristine ingredients possible.  So, whether it’s the fresh and piquant salsa verde that accompanies their crispy artisanal corn chips or the juicy pollo that I’ve enjoyed in many forms (including quesadilla, enchilada, and torta) – every bite is jammed full of wonderful homemade goodness.

Los Jarochos
4811 South Rainbow Boulevard (at West Tropicana Road)
10am-9pm daily

Get into it!

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